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Health & Safety and Damp Protection via the K-Kaps® Method

Health and Safety is of paramount importance to all businesses within the building sector. K-Kaps addresses this requirement by simplifying the strenuous and cumbersome beam lifting and wrapping process, which is currently high in manual handling. By replacing the wrapping process, the K-Kaps thereby reduces the occasions where possible harm from strains, musculoskeletal disorders and repetitive strain injuries can occur.

Protection against moisture and water ingress on the porous end of concrete floor beams and for the integral prestressing wires, is offered with the addition of K-Kaps to concrete floor beam ends. Designed therefore, to enhance the structural integrity of your building.

Slides and videos on CPD presented by Gary Little, Commercial Manager and the time saving benefit and K-Kaps in working practice:

Other Significant Benefits

Ease of fitting comes from using the K-Kaps, rather than employing the convoluted method of wrapping a beam. K-Kaps simply slide over the end of the concrete floor beams. Very frequently concrete floor beams need trimming to bespoke sizes, and the K-Kaps has the versatility to easily be removed and replaced.

There is increasing pressure for the improvement on overall lead times in the construction of houses/buildings/units. K-Kaps reduces the time it takes to protect a concrete floor beam end by taking away the labour intensive wrapping process and replacing it with a slip on cap. The time saving capacity of the K-Kaps is hugely multiplied by the significant number of concrete floor beams required for a new building. The direct result of the time saving, ease of use and versatility properties of the K-Kaps will contribute to labour cost efficiencies. K-Kaps is a product of many sizes that can cover the wide range of concrete floor beam sizes within the industry.

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The direct result of the time saving, ease of use and versatility properties of the K-Kap will contribute to labour cost efficiencies.

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